Creative Twist On A Gin & Tonic – G’nT(ea)!


Gin and Tonic Tea Cocktail One Drink A Day

We’ve been so very fortunate this year to collaborate with Brisbane based Drink Stylist extraordinaire, “One Drink A Day” (Oh the joys of meeting new friends on social media!). We first “met” Heebs on Instagram and since then we’ve been absolutely amazed by his incredible drink creations. His artistry is simply mind blowing and we’ve been honoured to have him use some of our loose leaf tea blends in his cocktails. (We’re very tempted to try recreating some of his recipes but haven’t quite worked up the courage yet, fearing an epic fail..!)

One of the many reasons we love tea so much is it’s versatility. There are so many variations, flavours and uses that there is literally a tea or herbal tisane for every mood and every occasion. Enter Heebs. Who else would have thought to combine Jasmine Buddhas Tears into a cocktail? Or our Apple Cinnamon herbal blend for that matter.

Most recently, our Berry Delicious fruit blend featured in a delicious Gin ‘n Tonic recipe on One Drink  A Day’s blog and it worked a treat!

The great thing about this blog is that not only do you get the recipes and methods, Heebs also shares his styling tips for decorating and garnishing your cocktail creations. The delicious blend of ingredients used in this cocktail are:


1 teaspoon of QT berry delicious loose leaf tea

1/4 cup of boiling water

1 lime

A bottle of blackberry cider (Somersby)

5 basil leaves and some extra for garnishing

1 cup of frozen mixed berries

30mls Hendrick’s Gin

Now that we’ve set your taste buds a’tingling, you can view One Drink A Day’s blog in it’s entirety and get step by step instructions and full recipe here: G(in) ‘n T(ea) Time

Also don’t forget to take a look at Heeb’s Instagram gallery @onedrinkaday and be prepared for a visual feast of stunning cocktails.

Happy sipping!

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