Baklawa is a rich and sweet dessert using layers of filo and melted butter, filled with chopped nuts and held together with a sweet syrup.

The greek version of this dessert is Baklava, but we’re sharing a delicious Lebanese version (hence the spelling “Baklawa”) which anyone can make at home.

This yummy recipe was created by lovely Daniella Boutros, guest presenter on Network 10’s Studio 10 and creator of Buttercreme Lane, a high-end customised cupcake and cake shop in Canterbury NSW. (We’ve been blessed to have crossed paths with her on social media in recent months and we have an exciting collaboration coming up!)

But back to our baklawa …


Daniella says DON’T BE! Her advice is to just work patiently, carefully, gently, basically toughen up and have a go!

Here’s what you need to know to make your delicious baklawa:

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Matcha Scones with Jam & Cream

Scones, Or Scons?

Matcha Scones

According to Webster’s Dictionary, scones are said to have originated in Scotland in the 1500’s. In fact the Oxford English Dictionary suggests that the word originally came into use in 1513. There are two differing pronunciations for the word – “scon” (rhymes with “gone) and “scone” (ryhmes with “phone”). In British English the two variations are used according to both regional and class associations, but in general terms, the first version is associated with the northern parts of England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The second version is associated with southern parts of England, America (US English) and Irish natives.

Scones are a standard addition to the traditional Devonshire Tea and are generally served with jam and cream. A little sweetener is sometimes added and this can also be in the form of currants, sultanas, raisins or dates. Scones can also be served as a savoury treat, with either cheese or potato added.

Easy Matcha Scone Recipe

For our scones, we decided to shake it up a little and take a less traditional approach by adding some QTea Matcha Green Tea Powder. The irony is that Matcha is absolutely packed with health benefits and is known as a superfood, but we chose to serve our scones with more than modest lashings of strawberry jam and cream.. Oh well.. we did also add some fresh strawberries for additional goodness..!

To read more about the health benefits of Matcha click here

Our ingredients:

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